Need A Transportation Solution?

Aircab is always happy to work with your business to find the transportation solution that suits you. Business customers can enjoy personalized use of our services in different ways:

Voucher Services

Your organization can use vouchers to provide transportation services while watching the bottom line. By using our vouchers/charge account slips, you can provide transportation services for your clients or employees. This is a win/win situation for your company, as you can provide courteous and efficient transportation while maintaining budgetary control!

Direct-Connect Phone Lines in Your Lobby or Office

This is simplicity at its best — if you qualify, we'll provide a dedicated telephone connection and slim line wall- or desk-mount phone at NO COST to your company! Just pick up the phone, and you're instantly connected to Air Cab dispatchers. Free your employees and clients from parking hassles, internet maps, waiting for cabs or braving public transportation.

Complete the form below and an Air Cab representative will contact you within 2 business days. For more immediate assistance, please call 857-2887(administration and accounts) or 857-2000 (dispatch office-24h/7).

Terms & Conditions

  1. A charge voucher will be completed for each trip (see example). Vouchers must be signed by an authorized user, usually an employee or client of the company. Vouchers will be supplied to you upon request. They are also available in every taxi.
  2. It is requested that customers forward a list of authorized account users, as well as any restrictions on account usage. Customers are also required to provide updates when necessary.
  3. The customer is solely responsible for all pre-printed and signed vouchers in their care. Vouchers are like cash and should be treated as such. Aircab will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of lost or stolen taxi vouchers.
  4. Accounts are invoiced at least once a month and are due and payable upon receipt.
  5. Account more than 30 days overdue will be subject to a late penalty of 2% per month.
  6. Copies of all vouchers used will be attached to their corresponding invoice.

Corporate Registration Form